Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Indoor Fun With Your Dog

Being trapped indoors means it is time to find some enjoyable indoor activities. Here are some ideas to keep both you and pooch entertained.

Spa Day: Extra time is a great time for grooming. Give your dog a good brush-out, brush their teeth, clean ears and trim/file nails. End with a doggie massage.

Practice obedience skills or learn some new tricks. There are tons of how-to tips online if you need help getting started.

Hide-And-Seek is one of our family favorites. Use a Stay command, or enlist a helper to hold the dog in one room while you hide. Keep calling the dog until he finds you.

Find It is basically the same as above, except using a toy or treat. Some dogs need help. So I'll say "Find it" as we walk near it.

Shell Game: get 2-3 plastic cups and a treat. All cups should be face down on the floor. Put the treat under one of the cups. Mix them up, say "OK" and let your dog find the treat.

Remember, being confined does not mean you have to be bored. Put on your Creativity Cap, experiment and have fun!

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